Tony Myers

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Principal & Senior Counsel  


Tony is a passionate enthusiast, fundraiser, consultant, strategist, author, speaker and coach who loves to raise money and help others to do the same.

He has acquired a life-time of experience in working on 5 continents with organizations undergoing change.  His skills in major donor fundraising, major gift campaigns, strategic planning, board development, and as a leadership coach have placed him in demand as a speaker and consultant around the world.

Tony is a self-proclaimed student of philanthropy and leadership who continues to learn and practice his craft internationally, with a commitment to success for those with whom he works. Ultimately, his spirited presentations will get you thinking, alter your perspective and give you the confidence to further your career, enjoy your work and be successful in a world of abundance.


Changing Our World – One Conversation At A Time

We live in a connected world. We are more connected by technology, than at any other time in our history. Yet we’re losing the human touch. We are losing our connection with each other… with our friends, our families, our donors and even our politicians. Conversations with others are now diminished to 140 characters. Facebook is the standard. Television “sound bites” are directing global politics. The NGO sector in Europe and around the world, will not survive on sound bites. It will not survive on Facebook posts alone.

We need conversation to survive and thrive. As our connected world becomes disillusioned and divided by fear and hostile threats from our leaders, the NGO sector has an important role to play in renewing and reintroducing the art of conversation. Join Tony as he explores the reinventing the art of conversation and its role in fundraising and rebuilding civil society around the world.

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Tony’s 10 Secrets Of Success In Fundraising

For more than 20 years, Tony Myers has been enjoying life as a fundraiser and fundraising consultant, and has had success working on 5 continents around the world. He has learned from his successes and from his failures, and he is totally open to sharing both with his audiences. Join Tony for an interesting and engaging presentation that gives you an opportunity to learn and benefit from both the things he has done right, and the things he has done wrong.

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