Richard Radcliffe (UK)

Radcliffe Consulting

Richard Radcliffe has 30 years of experience in developing legacy giving throughout Europe and the world. He has been listening to over 28,000 donors for the last three decades and has gained their views on non-profit communications. He researched testaments and donor motivations and after all this experience – he is more enthusiastic and wiser than ever and willing to share this knowledge and experience and a good legacy prospect.


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Keynote Tuesday: 9.30-10.15 o’clock
“Memory failure – why do donors not remember what we tell them”
Richard Radcliffe visited many countries and met many donors and he found out that donors don’t remember what we tell them – so he did a global research to find out how to keep donors engaged and informed. Join this keynote to find out what channel, design and medium of communication works best to make readers remember what you have said. Forget giving them the answers – ask them questions. Questions are the answer! How much will you remember from this conference at the end of October?

Workshop Session 3 Tuesday: 11.15-12.45 o’clock
“It’s time to take legacy giving seriously…. before it is too late”
As society grows older, potential donors do too: this workshop will show why we need to look carefully at the way older people think and how this affects philanthropic dreams. Richard Radcliff will give you an insight into how “older brains” work, communicate and make decisions about supporting NGOs.

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