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Brian Fitzgerald is founder and co-director with Tommy Crawford of Dancing Fox, a creative agency specialising in mischief, magic, and mind-bombs. Working exclusively with artists and groups and individuals working for social change, they help craft transformational stories for a more beautiful world. A lifelong activist, Brian spent 35 years with Greenpeace in roles as varied as deckhand and canvasser to hot air balloon pilot and communications director. His résumé proudly lists US Federal trespass charges for stopping an underground nuclear weapons test detonation for 4 days by hiding out near ground zero. He pioneered digital campaigning at Greenpeace International, and designed and collaborated in campaign and communications strategies and the creation of digital assets that shifted the environmental practices of governments, corporations and entire sectors. He once set Reddit on fire and successfully battled back efforts to kill humpback whales with a whale naming competition called “Mister Splashy Pants.”

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Keynote Monday 14.15-14.45 o’clock
“The Power of Story”
Why do stories unite us? Why do stories create bonds between people that make them care about one another’s well-being, make them act in each others’ interest, make them give to one another? Here’s a hint: the measure of a great story is not the heights of imagination to which it soars, but the depths of the truth that it unearths. We’ll have a look at the psychology and anthropology of story, how stories signal values, and the ways they can shape our sense of what’s right, what’s important, what’s normal, and even what’s possible. But most importantly, we’ll look at how they shape behaviour – both at an individual and a social level. Stories are the operating system of the human brain – and they can be hacked.

Workshop Session 2 Monday: 15.45-17.15 o’clock

“Story Mapping”
Story can turn a mission or organisational change into a passionate, purpose-driven prospect that can be fun. With a case study of story mapping work at Greenpeace International, you’ll learn how to get a wider perspective on how story can shape strategy and organisational culture and learn proven story mapping techniques.
You’ll learn how to break an organisational or campaign story into a set of values, a moral, and a set of simple story elements that fit a timeless and easily understood story arc. And we’ll talk about how a simplified organisational or campaign story can help orient staff, shape strategy, and open up extremely useful conversations about how to tell and live the most powerful story you can.  This workshop will help you get a wider perspective on how story can shape strategy and organisational culture and provide you with tips and tricks for driving organisational change and communications clarity through story. In the end, the story mapping technique is a Swiss army knife in any fundraiser’s toolkit.
Join Brian Fitzgerald for this workshop if you are a captain (senior management, fundraising and communications leadership), a pirate (staff at the edge of organisational decision making) or a story teller (anyone interested in how story shapes behaviour and communicates values).

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