Aroon Dougan

THINK Digital

Strategy Director

Aroon has worked in fundraising and marketing for a range of non-profit organisations over the past 12 years. She has vast experience, both at a hands-on level, leading on fundraising campaigns across a range of channels and audiences, and at a strategic level.

In the five years prior to joining THINK Digital, Aroon specialised in digital fundraising and strategy and her last role in the non-profit sector was as Chief Executive of a crowdfunding charity in London.

Aroon joined THINK Digital as Strategy Director in January 2016 and provides both strategic consultancy and project management services to a range of INGOs.



What it takes to succeed in the tech age - the art of Lean

with Jason Potts (UK) – THINK Digital

In this keynote we will take participants through the five key elements of what it takes to succeed in the tech age. We will provide real-life examples of how Lean principles have been adopted by organisations to achieve fundraising success. Participants will be asked to score their own organisations and see how ready they are to succeed. At the end of the session, participants will be able to take away these examples and apply them to their own organisations.

Thema: #Digitales Fundraising #Innovation
Art: Keynote

Direct Marketing to the max ... what does it take to succeed in the digital world?

with Jason Potts (UK) – THINK Digital

Where should your organisation be focusing its efforts on to maximise the opportunity digital fundraising presents? This practical session will use real-life examples from multiple non-profit organisations around the world and covers leadership, financial investment, key drivers of income, strategy, people & culture. There will also be opportunities for peer-to-peer learning with other delegates and question time to tap in to the experience of Jason and Aroon to help your organisation navigate the bumpy road to digital success.

Level: Einsteiger & Fortgeschrittene
Thema: #DigitalesFundraising #Socialmedia
Art: Workshop